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I am setting up this blog because I need a place to post my practice in UX, and design in general, in order to invite others for their feedback.  I also want a place to put myself out there for potential partners or employers to get to know me and how I think.

I am a woman in my late thirties who just finished a Bachelors in Business Information Systems from Ashford University earlier in 2016.  Since I finished school, I feel I’ve been rediscovering myself.  I made a career change last year, and am now in my company’s IT department as a Business Analyst.

I feel like I clawed and scraped my way up this sheer cliff, and now that I’m up here, I’ve discovered a lush, green Lost Land that needs to be thoroughly explored.  I’m finding new opportunities I never knew existed before, and my compass has been firmly pointing in the direction of Interaction design, and User Experience design.

My blog posts will fit under four sections:

  • Observations
  • Explorations
  • Book reviews
  • UX Practice

Other than interaction design, I will also be exploring visual communication, graphic design, and web development.  I feel these are all components of UX in one way or another.  I feel my strength is coming from a business analysis point of view at the moment, but by exploring in these different directions, I can expand my understanding.  Maybe I will find a strength I didn’t know I had!


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