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Good AND Bad examples of UX – App Annie

While I was researching for the competitor analysis for the ISS Detector app, I was signing up for App Annie, a site that provides reliable statistics for 4 major app stores (AppBrain does the same for only Andriod apps).  While signing up for App Annie, I came across a bad user experience and a good user experience – all at the same time, on the same field!  Seemed a little rare, so I thought I would share.

Bad experience:  User control and Freedom & Flexibility and efficiency of use

There’s a looooong list of states to select from in a drop down, and I cannot type in the field to filter to the one I want to select.  I don’t live in California anymore, so I’m a little annoyed when I have to manually scrooooolllll down to the I’s (you lot in Alabama have it so good!).  This is straight out of the F*ck Dropdowns playbook.

Sure, this isn’t life or death, it’s just a bad experience.



Good experience: Error prevention & Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

Don’t you hate it get annoyed when you’re signing up for a new account, you just start to type in your new password, and it’s already flashing red at you that you haven’t met the requirements?  Well, not App Annie.  This form provides a great experience because it won’t start yelling at you that something is required until you click off the screen.


And for an added bonus, because I like to leave on an up-note, another good experience with App Annie:


After I signed up, I got a button right there on the screen to open my mailbox, rather than the screen just telling me to do so. It gave me the opportunity to act, a ‘call to action’ as it were, right there. I would put that under the Visibility of System Status, by providing a CTA for the next step the user needs to take, and User Freedom and Control.

Its pretty easy to find bad examples of UX, that is what breaks our flow and draws attention to itself (otherwise, I wouldn’t have thought to write this post), but it’s not so easy to notice and document good examples of UX.  Have you run across good examples of user experience?  Have you ever seen good and bad examples on the same page?


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