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Evolving the Roadmap – ISS Detector

A colleague invited me to listen in on an informal class he was giving around what he studied for a UX certification. While listening in, I was inspired to adjust my process for this ISS Detector redesign I am doing as a personal project.

I’ve segmented each into how many parts, or blog posts, I think it will take me to cover each exercise properly.  Because of my full-time jobs as a mum and BA, I’ve estimated about 2 weeks per part.


What has been done so far:

Company Analysis

  • The goal of the redesign was identified.

Competitive Analysis

  • Got a firm understanding of what features are included in competitive or alternative apps in the market.

What needs to be done:

Current State Analysis – 3 parts

  • Features
  • Same information gathered as was gathered for the competitive analysis
  • Usability Review / Heuristic Expert Review
    • See if multiple UXDs would want to take a crack at it. Integrate everyone’s input.
  • UI flow diagram
  • Information architecture / site map

User Research – 5-8 parts

  • Determine Strategy first – This will determine exactly what techniques I use.
    • What do I want to know?
    • What would be the best way to do this within my constraints?
  • Indirect techniques
    • Look over reviews online
      • Blogs
      • Reddit
      • App store reviews
    • Surveys
      • Brainstorm questions
      • Create the survey
      • Test it out – does it make sense?
      • Where can I find the participants?
      • Send out – elicit feedback
      • Compile results
  • Direct techniques
    • Interviews / Task observations
    • Pick from participants of surveys
    • Ask friends who are users

User Testing – 1 – 2 parts

  • Using remote user testing sites
  • See what issues users have
  • Compile Data from research
  • What insights are gathered?

Deliverables – 1-3 parts

  • User journey
  • Personas
  • Task analysis
  • Scenarios
  • Primary nouns
  • Gap analysis – user expectations vs current state

Information Architecture – 1 – 2 parts

  • Card sorting tests – reach out to survey participants
  • Gap analysis
  • Card sorting results vs current state IA
  • Insights?

Lessons learned so far – 1 part

  • Retrospective!
    • What worked / what didn’t work
    • What to change
    • What to keep doing
  • I should do this earlier in the process as well.

Design – 4 – 6 parts

  • Strategy from insights
    • What needs to be worked on?
    • Improve conversion?
    • Delight users?
  • Ideate – concept sketches
  • Rate for feasibility
  • Compile redesign alternatives to determine best option

Prototypes / mock-ups – 1 – 3 parts

  • User testing on prototypes

Refine / Iterations – 2 – 4 parts

Compile Case Study – Final Step

  • Using Oz Chen’s portfolio case study instructions
  • Write it out first, then insert graphics / assets afterward
Added new boards to the project’s Milonote page

So this was what I came up with after I was inspired. Looking back, it seems a very task-heavy process. I may be adding tasks that are unnecessary, but perhaps I am unaware because of my inexperience. Or I am enthusiastic to try out different things, and this is a good opportunity to try everything out, even if it’s not necessary for the specific redesign goal of converting users of ISS Detector (free version) to purchase the add-ons.

I’d love to hear your feedback below!


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