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Bad UX – Google’s Inbox for Gmail

This week I signed up with the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF), and started my first lesson, Gestalt Psychology and Web Design.  For our introductory posts in this course, we were tasked with giving an example of bad UX.  So this was my example:

My bad UX experience is in my email app, Inbox for Gmail.

I have come to use and rely on the “Snooze” function (clock icon in the green circle). Snooze hides the email until the time you specify (similar to when you hit snooze on an alarm). I typically snooze emails until the weekend at 5am, my own time to do whatever I want before the rest of the family gets up.


So hitting Snooze brings up a window with standard options (red box), and if you want to choose your own time you have to click the option to pick your own date and time (blue box). I always click the blue box, and then have to go through the same 6 – 7 clicks to get the email to snooze for 5am the next Saturday.

Bottomline: I never want the standard options, and there is no way to customize those standard options.

Looking at the NNG heuristics, this would be a violation of User Control and Freedom. Leads to user frustration and eventually pushes the user to find something better. If I could find something better, I would drop this app in a moment.

Do you have examples of Bad UX?  Or know of a good alternative email app that I can switch to?  I’d love to hear your comments!


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